Creating Your Grove

Creating Your Grove


Here is a simple meditation which will enable you to create an inner safe space for yourself; an inner grove for healing. Taken from the Celtic Shaman-Druid course developed by for the Cornwall School of Mystery and Magick.

Sit comfortably and steady your breathing.

Take a few moments to become aware of how your body feels, where there is tension attempt to release it…
Become aware of the things you can hear…

The things you can feel…

Then follow your thoughts as they drift and flow like a river; holding on to no particular thought – just letting each pass as you breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth…

When you feel still, create in your mind the idea, the vision of an open woodland – perhaps a clearing within a grove of trees.

Sit in this space and feel the connection with the ground – the Earth upon which you live

You can see the sky – notice its colour and the patterns

You can see the trees – notice how they stand, firm within the ground and branches reaching towards the sky.

To your left is a small body of water, it may be a stream or a lake or even a small waterfall tumbling from a small rise in the land in front of you.

Ahead of you are some stones – these may be simply piled or could even form something of a small structure, a dolmen, cairn or standing stone…

Know that this is YOUR grove, your special place of retreat… place only those things there which bring contentment and calmness…

Imagine yourself sitting in the centre of your grove.

As you watch time pass in this place you will notice that the sun rises to the right of you and sets to the left…

This means that you are facing north and your back is towards the south,

As you watch time pass become aware of the passage of the Sun across the sky; followed by the Moon and thence the Stars….

You are timeless, suspended in time – and watching the cycle of time.

In this space you can observe the seasons as they pass from Spring, to Summer, to Autumn and to Winter.

This is your grove and you can become totally familiar with how the seasons change the trees, the grass, the sky, the land….

Each time you visit this place the details will become richer; you will have a sense of detail – a vivid description in words and senses.

Stay in the space – holding the idea of this world between worlds until you feel it’s time to return to the now – to this world – to this reality where the sounds you hear belong to the here and now…

Sit for a moment and recall your Grove and celebrate the fact that you have a safe, secure space from which to journey and to which you can return whenever you so desire.

Spend a few moments recording your thoughts and images in your journal… you may even like to draw the space – your Grove.