Energy : Calas

Energy : Calas



Calas comes from the same root as caled, which is the Welsh for “hard,” and means “solidity.”

As an energy, Calas is the source of form, the source of differentiation and stability.

It is energy manifest as matter.

Its image in nature is stone.

This is the physical ‘being’, the ‘thing’, the ‘object’

Calas differentiates and in that differentiation brings a stability (however temporary) to the perpetual ebb and flow of energy – fixing it into distinct things… rocks, plants, trees, animals, us.

snowflakeDespite illusions to the contrary the stability of physical things is simply a illusion. Just as glass sags, sinks and devitrifies over time, so does all order break down.


Just as the beautiful symmetry of each individual snowflake appears stable in the cold, it soon melts away in the first rays of the sun.

It is the perpetual cycle of change which drives life forward.