Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Is this just another adaptation of Reiki?

A : Whilst Nwyfre is, to all intents and purposes, another word for Universal Energy the healing system developed here involves the use of not only energy healing but also shamanic inspired practices

Q : Do you need to follow the Driud Path to do this?

A : I guess that depends on what you consider the Druid Path to be. All shamanic inspired practices are set within a cultural context and this system uses a Celtic/Druid framework. In the same way Reiki is based within a specific framework and comes from a cultural context. It would be anticipated that the framework within which the healing takes place honours the tradition upon which it is built.

Q : So this is a traditional form of healing then?

A : The word traditional implies a history, something handed down from person to person over time. Tradition however is a set of practices which have evolved and are evolving within a clearly defined framework. Reiki is not traditional (it was developed in 1922), in this sense, but does have a tradition.

Q : Are Nwyfre practitioners attuned to the Nwyfre in the same way that Reiki practitioners are attuned to Reiki?

A : No. Nwyfre is already within and without each and every living thing on this planet (and beyond). The ritual of Reiki attunement is specific to Reiki practices. In this system it is more about personal rediscovery of Nwfre and connection to it through guided meditation, journeying, journalling, self-reflection and mentoring.

Q : What else is involved in this system apart from energy based healing?

A : The energy we refer to is ever present, however some of the more specific approaches include ‘trance work’, journeying, symbolism (oracular work), counselling, NLP, hypnotherapy, use of incenses, ritual, story-telling

Q : Is the developer of Nwyfre healing versed in these areas?

A : Formal, Professional and Teaching qualifications in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Psychology integrated with Esoteric training in Druidry, Wicca, Magic and Shamanic Approaches. Other websites include dralanjones.com, alanjonestransformations, cornwallschoolofmysteryandmagic.comĀ , inspireNLP.com, alanmoonbear.com

Q : How can I qualify in this Healing System?

A : By showing knowledge of the mythic framework upon which the system is built; an understanding of psychological and spiritual approaches to healing; and practice of healing and journeying, working with self and others in a therapeutic context.

Q : How long does this training take?

A : That very much depends upon what you already bring to the training in terms of experience and knowledge. A complete training would be over three years.

Q : Who would seek to become practitioners in this system?

A : Anyone who wishes to become involved in healing. However Hypnotherapists, NLP Practitioners, Coaches, Reiki Practitioners, Counsellors who wish to work within a spiritual framework and tradition that is broadly Celtic in nature would find this training valuable. Druids, Wiccans and other Pagan folk wishing to offer service through healing and mentoring would embrace this course.

Q : What do you mean by Healing?

A : Healing is not about cure, it is about a journey. The healer provides comfort, spiritual support and specific interventions which support the journey into, through and out of life. The idea of ‘cure’, and in the same way claims of cure, are one dimensional. The healer in this sense does not replace conventional treatments, but works alongside other professionals for the benefit of the client.

Q : What Professional Standards do Practitioners have to meet?

A : All practitioners of the Nwyfre system are expected to adopt the professional standards set out by their existing healing/therapy organisations; as well as those of The International Metaphysical Practitioners Association (a course accreditor) and the UK Governments National Occupational Standards for Healing and Complementary Therapies.

Training is offered through Cornwall School of Mystery & Magick which is a UK Registered Learning Provider and accredited by IMPA