May the Nwyfre Be With You

May the Nwyfre Be With You




One of the ways of thinking about Nwyfre is likening it to ‘The Force’ in Star Wars.

It is the energy which binds the web, in Druid and Wiccan terms, it is the energy of interconnected-ness.

The film Exaclibur (John Borman 1981) is a favourite of mine.

OK the scripting is in places a little weak, and the acting somewhat lack lustre (an actor can only act when there’s a script to act from) BUT there are some sublime moments and Nicol Williamson a truly inspiring Merlin.

In this scene Arthur (Nigel Terry) has just pulled the sword from the stone and followed Merlin into the woods confused about his new role.


The Dragon is Nwyfre!

“Rest sleep in the arms of the dragon and dream”

The parallels between neo-Druids and The Jedi are there if you look and of course the Star Wars trilogy is based upon the Heroes Journey wherein the Hero discovers their true power and potential against the backdrop of a growing understanding of the nature of The Force.