Nwyfre Healing System

Nwyfre Healing System


A Manred, Calas, Gwyar and Newfre Meditation

This Healing Approach – if that’s what it can be called – stems from a desire to integrate ideas from the Reiki Traditions, with what has been reconstructed from Druidic Approaches and broader Shamanic Practices.

Shamanic Practices can be seen to have the following characteristics

  • They are linked to a specific cultural tradition
  • They involve journeys to ‘other worlds’
  • They have psychological, physical and spiritual dimensions

Modern and Traditional Complementary Healing Approaches could be seen to have the following characteristics

  • Healing is about the journey and not about ‘cure’
  • Healing is about the relationship between the ‘healer’ and the ‘client’
  • Healing has psychological, physical and spiritual dimensions

Nwyfre is the Druid concept of the ‘life force’ 

In the context in which it is used here can be considered to be an equivalent of Chi, Ki, Reiki and as developed in this approach is seen as the ‘energy’ with which we work.

It encompasses a perspective in which

  • Subjective and Objective realities include the possibilities of ‘travelling between worlds’
  • Altered States of Consciousness can be part of the healing process
  • These other world journeys are the framework for personal transformation
  •  The relationship between the ‘healer’ and the ‘client’ is of paramount importance
  • The journey into and through ‘life’ or ‘death’ is a healing journey
  • Both ‘healer’ and ‘client’ are transformed by the process of healing
  • Intention, Blessings, Affirmations and Ritual have positive psychological and spiritual effects
  • Psychological and Spiritual  Well Being is a core condition for Physical Well Being
  • We have conscious and unconscious interactions with the Cosmos, our selves and each other
  • Allegory, Metaphor and Story can influence conscious and unconscious processes

A Practitioner of Nwyfre Healing will be versed in:

  • Active Listening Skills
  • Psychological and Emotional Aspects of Healing and Therapy
  • The use of allegory, metaphor and story
  • Dreamwork, the Oracular Tradition
  • The spiritual framework of Druidry and/or what we can reconstruct of the Celtic Spiritual Tradition
  • Trancework, Journeying and induction of altered states
  • ‘Tuning in’ or ‘Connecting to’ Nwyfre through personal meditation, reflection and journeys

A Practitioner of Nwyfre Healing will commit to:

  • On going personal and professional development
  • A non dogmatic approach to spirituality
  • Solutions Focus and Client Centred interventions
  • Listening and responding to the stories of their clients
  • Accountability for practice (supervision, insurance, professional membership and certification)
  • Reflective Practice
  • Working within the current limits of their experience and training
  • Working towards moving beyond the current limits of their experience and training
  • Celebrating Diversity

A definition of Diversity

Different Individuals Valuing Each other Regardless of Skin and Spirituality Intellect Talents or Years

Details of training in this new system will be published shortly.

It is hoped that the training course will be structured in such away as to allow full recognition of previous learning, training and experience.